I– Warranty

*  Warranty period: The time when HOSA is responsible for receiving and resolving the warranty for products provided by HOSA as stated on the warranty card.

* Valid warranty card: The warranty card issued by HOSA together with the product with HOSA’s seal, the warranty card form must be in accordance with the prescribed form, not separate – patchwork, production code on the warranty card. written on the ticket by HOSA and must match the product code that brings the warranty (no signs of erasure or repair)

II. Warranty Policy
1. Products purchased at HOSA Equipment are warranted for free in case the following conditions are satisfied:

–  Product is technically defective by the manufacturer

– Product is still in warranty period

–  Warranty card of the product is intact, without patching, erasing, or blurring warranty information

–  The manufacturer’s warranty stamp is intact on the product

2. Instances where the warranty incurs costs or is not covered by the warranty

–   The product does not satisfy the conditions in item 1

–  The product is damaged due to the user’s fault, the defect is not within the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty

–  Customers arbitrarily repair products or repair at warranty centers that are not authorized by the manufacturer

–  Content of product information and warranty card are not compatible.

3. Warranty period

HOSA Equipment products are warranted for 1-2 years (depending on the product).

The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase indicated on the warranty card or payment invoice.